Brad Paisley Says Jokes Are All or Nothing

August 15, 2017 klrp1650 0

by Alison Bonaguro 15h ago Remember Hee Haw? A lot of younger people don’t, mainly because the TV series ran from 1969 through 1994. But the Kornfield Kounty variety show’s music and humor mash-up was enough to inspire Brad Paisley to create something similar, with a few modern twists (and probably fewer hay bales). “(There was) this sort of playful self-effacing nature of everyone willing to go on there. You see Johnny Cash goofing around. He doesn’t care if the joke lands or not,” Paisley recalled of the show. And his new one — airing on Tuesday (Aug. 15) on Netflix — will have a similar feel, and it sounds like Paisley is taking the comedy part very seriously. “It’s sort of all or nothing with a joke,” he said. “You either get laughs, or you don’t. There’s a threshold you reach when you realize that it worked. Then there’s […]

Darius Rucker Heeds His Own Advice

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by Alison Bonaguro 9h ago In Darius Rucker’s new song, “For the First Time,” he asks, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” And in real life, when Rucker asked that of himself and ended up on a fishing excursion with his family. “I went fly fishing a few weeks ago for the very first time,” Rucker told Billboard Country Update. “Loved every minute of it. I’m out there with my kids, and my middle daughter — who was the one who didn’t want to go — she’s catching seven fish, and she’s excited and saying, ‘Dad, when can we go fly fishing again?’ “It was really rejuvenating and really fun, and it was perfect because it was something that I always wanted to do but never took the time to do,” he said of his last first time. Rucker added that it’s common for […]

Kip Moore and Tony Hawk Confirm Skate Benefit

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by Lauren Tingle 6h ago Kip Moore and Tony Hawk have partnered to host the Music City Skate Jam Presented by Harley-Davidson on Sept. 10 at Nashville’s Music City Walk of Fame Park. The family-friendly, day-long event will feature a skate demo by Hawk, as well as live music by Moore, rising artist Jordan Davis and DJ sets by Dee Jay Silver. Proceeds will support Moore and Hawk’s respective non-profit initiatives, Kip’s Kids Fund and the Tony Hawk Foundation. Both organizations work to build skate parks in low-income communities. “I think what’s always driven me at my core throughout my career was to one day have the capability to make a major impact in inner cities around the country,” Moore said. “I was never a true skater, but always admired the brotherhood of the skating community. Having a chance to team up with a guy like Tony, who’s so respected […]

Thomas Rhett: Less Twang, More Memories

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by Alison Bonaguro 6h ago Thomas Rhett says he’s been on a musical journey ever since he was country music’s new guy. “If you listen to songs on my first record and then compare them to (Life Changes), it changed a lot. My voice has matured, and I don’t sing as twangy as I did on my first record,” Thomas Rhett told See his 2012 debut hit “Something to Do with My Hands” for proof of that twang. He also thinks fans might look at him on stage and wonder why he’s not in the standard issue country uniform of a cowboy hat and Wranglers. “A lot of people look at me onstage and think, ‘He’s wearing Vans and skinny jeans. What is happening here?’ I feel like I get asked the question a bunch: Where do you see country music going? Do you feel like you’re still a […]

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team: Biggest Semifinals Moments

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by Sarah Essary 5h ago On the episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, titled “Semis,” the judges have narrowed it down to 119 women. Now, the hopefuls must quickly learn a power pom routine and the famous kick-line in order to perform it an hour later before the judges. Let’s check out the biggest moments: Hopefuls arrive for the first day of semifinals. They jump right into learning Judy’s dance routine. Then, the girls learn the kick-line for the first time. Let’s take a closer look. Next up, the audition. Will they remember what they learned? Neal McCoy thinks so! After the judges deliberate, the results are in… Later, the veterans show Judy and Kellie they still have what it takes. And, we catch up with veteran favorites like Yuko. Hopefully everyone continues to keep wow-ing the judges! Watch new episodes every Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. For […]

Old Dominion Knows Just How You Feel

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by Alison Bonaguro 11h ago Meat and Candy, Old Dominion’s debut album, did so well that you kind of have to wonder how the band will follow it. But it sounds like they took their sophomore album project seriously, because they remember being on the other side of things. In a recent radio interview, the band’s Trevor Rosen said that he knows what it’s like for fans waiting to hear the new music on their Happy Endings album (due out on August 25). “It is getting closer. You look up, and now we’re into the month it’s going to be released, so it gets exciting,” Rosen said. “The coolest thing that I think about is the fact that someone out there can’t wait for this album to come out. We grew up being fans of bands, and I remember when my favorite band would be coming out with something new, […]

Aubrie Sellers Defies Convention, Takes On Celebrity Culture

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by Samantha Stephens 8h ago Aubrie Sellers has taken her role as role model to the next level. The singer-songwriter and champion for female empowerment is calling out the stereotypes of old and setting the record straight for the modern woman. After watching a few classic movie clips from the 1950s and ’60s that weren’t very empowering for women, Sellers had a terrific idea: What if she took those stories and re-imagined them in a way that supported women today? Thus began a mini-series of music videos dedicated to just that — turning the antiquated notions of femininity and a woman’s societal role on their ears and giving girls today a great dose of inspiration. “I was inspired by these old films to take the female characters and modernize them and rewrite these stories with some girl power,” Sellers said. “On my debut album, I wrote a lot about women […]

Kenny Chesney Salutes Summertime Love in “All the Pretty Girls”

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by Samantha Stephens 7h ago Young, rebellious summertime love. Is there anything more quintessentially Kenny Chesney? In his latest video for “All the Pretty Girls,” Chesney gives us one last hoorah before summer is over and fall semester starts in a sweet story played out by two college kids falling in love during a break at home. It will take you right back to those good old days where you’re only concern was having the sheriff call your parents after you were caught trespassing in a field. We don’t actually see Chesney in his brand new video, but he’s there in spirit, telling a story he tells better than just about anybody “All The Pretty Girls” is from Chesney’s latest album Cosmic Hallelujah. This fall, he’s got another one coming for you — a live album of some of the superstar’s greatest performances over the last decade. Live in No […]

Nashville Trivia: Season 5, Episode 22: Reasons to Quit

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by Kelsey Wright 5h ago Let’s play Nashville trivia! New season of Nashville is coming in January. Get all of the latest Nashville news, videos and behind-the-scenes action on the Nashville Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and join the conversation using #NashvilleCMT. Kelsey Wright Writer and associate producer for CMT who lives in Nashville, but grew up in an area of Western New York that prides itself on having more cows than people.

Thomas Rhett: Happy Birthday Ada James

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by Lauren Tingle 8h ago Thomas Rhett is officially outnumbered by ladies at home. Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins welcomed their second daughter, a baby girl named Ada James Akins, on Saturday (Aug. 12) at 10:28 p.m. in Nashville. She made her world debut weighing seven pounds and three ounces. The happy parents announced Ada James’ arrival via social media on Sunday (Aug. 13). She joins the couple’s adopted baby girl from Uganda, Willa Gray, at home. “My wife @laur_akins labored almost 36 hours,” Rhett said online. “She is by far the strongest human being I have ever met and I have a new found respect for moms around the world. We are so excited that Willa Gray has a baby sister!” “We are all doing well now, just resting,” Lauren added on social media. “Thank y’all for your prayers — she is a miracle and God is so […]