Thomas Rhett Says Tour Bus Renovation Is “Nuts”

Now that Thomas Rhett’s infant daughter Willa Gray Akins has arrived from Uganda, and his wife Lauren is due with their other little girl in August, you might be wondering where everyone is going to sleep if the whole family comes out on the road during his Home Team Tour.

In a recent radio interview, Thomas Rhett described some of the tour bus renovations going on to prepare for his growing family. Basically, more crib and less bunk.

“So we took one whole side of bunks out and made a crib and drawers. And then on the other side, we knocked out two bunks and put two dog crates under there, so literally there’s one bunk left on our bus,” Rhett said.

The dog crates will have to go, though, because they will be adding another crib for the next baby.

“It’s pretty nuts,” he said.

Lauren has been busy, too, posting photos of Willa and thanking everyone who had a part in the adoption process. Like Lauren’s parents (who went to Uganda to bring Willa home since she very-pregnant Lauren can’t travel now) and other family and friends who supported them along the way.

“Y’all have walked through and prayed through every single moment of this adoption with us, were our ROCKS through it all, kept it a secret, and truly had faith & hope for us when we felt like we had none left. I could cry thinking about each one of you-y’all know who you are & we are beyond blessed with our community God has given us we love y’all more than any words could come close to describing. I might just throw you all a giant party celebrating y’all,” she wrote.

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